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The Art of Writing

As a writer, I strive to create stirring and meaningful expression.

I use words – carefully chosen, arranged, and refined – to capture and relate thought, much like the painter chooses, applies, and blends color to reflect and share an image.

My joy is leaving you with the seeds of reflection or the imprint of a vividly painted masterpiece on the canvas of your mind.

Let me share the power of words to inspire your soul.

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Words to Inspire

October 2017

Price Incentives by Another Name

Are you familiar with those price incentives we build into our product or service offerings to encourage our customers to make a full one-time payment as opposed to 3, 6, or 12 partial payments? You know, that price break or savings offer they qualify for just because they pay in full and up front? We might call it “incentive” or whatever seemingly harmless name you may choose, but I’d have to suggest another more distasteful word – a word many of us might balk at hearing.

September 2017

Answering the Call

I called my young son the other day. I waited for him to come. I waited. And waited. I asked his older sister to go tell him that I wanted to talk to him. So, she went into the other room, returned, and announced that my message had been delivered.

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