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The Hand Guiding the Pen

If you are preparing to present your writing to the world, I am here to help you put your best word forward…

I provide copy editing services to polish your writing, bring out its strengths, and make your message compelling, persuasive, and memorable. If you’re feeling at a loss for words, I also offer content creation that will engage your audience and give your brand voice.

When it comes to connecting with your readers, the fluency and accuracy of your writing can make all the difference between leaving a lasting impression or being quickly dismissed. Your written words must not only be grammatically correct, but they should also be precise and flow coherently to capture and deliver your message.

My own love of all things grammarly and literary began at a very young age. In elementary school, I enjoyed the intricacies of sentence diagramming and ordering words according to their parts of speech, and as time passed, I learned the art of effective written expression.

During my college and university years, I fell in love with coffee and found enjoyment in the complexities of literary character studies. This grew into a passion for introspection and contemplating life events as opportunities to learn and grow. Writing was entwined with every step of reflection and articulation of discovery. And so, I acquired an awe for the power of the pen and its undeniable potential to transform and shape thought and feeling with every stroke.

Today, I still savor a good cup of coffee, and truth be told, I still enjoy the nuances of grammar and the subtleties of crafting with words.

I also have a newfound fascination with ellipses — those 3 enticingly cute end marks often seen following one behind the other.

The ellipsis is a very intriguing mark of punctuation because it signifies something left out or concealed, and so it calls for discovery and the continuation of that something left unsaid.

I believe we all have things that are too often left unuttered, unexplored, or unattempted, and this special mark of punctuation is much like a trail of stepping stones which, when pursued, can lead us to say the unspoken, explore the unexplored, attempt the unattempted, and awaken within ourselves our many unexpressed potentials and dreams . . .

I would enjoy the chance to work with you and explore the possibilities and visions embedded within your own written words . . .

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