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Words of Appreciation

Khuram Malik, Strategem.io

Billion Dollar Muslim: Why We Need Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs

“Irada was a complete God-send. My biggest challenge was finding an expert and well-experienced editor while also making sure that he or she understood the nuances of what was presented in my book.

Irada far exceeded my expectations and added immense polish to my work, while also being an immense pleasure to work with. My book opened up to rave reviews which would have not been possible without Irada. I’m really grateful that she worked on my project.”

Ismail Kamdar, Islamic Self Help

Ahmad Climbs A Mountain: A Parable About Achieving Your Goals

“As an author, I have worked with many editors over the years. Irada ranks at the very top of the list. Her work is of the highest quality, and she meets her deadlines promptly. I highly recommend her for all your editing needs.”

Carrie Bowman, Certified Life Coach

“I needed a professional with powerful writing and editing skills, and most importantly, someone who would understand my voice within my writing, the needs of my audience, and have the skills and expertise to create content around these lines. Irada was able to quickly get an intuitive feel for my writing style and message and seamlessly took the reins with my website’s message. She delivered excellent and meaningful work, was always prompt in her delivery, and made certain I felt excited and positive before moving on to the next task. Irada pushed me to take my message to the next level, by streamlining the true meaning and tone I wanted to deliver. I could not recommend her enough – she is incredible!”

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