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As Your Editor or Content Writer…

My goal is to enhance and strengthen the impact your message has on your readers.

And because the fluency and accuracy of your writing has a direct impact on the connection you make and keep with your audience, my job is to ensure that your writing is refined, coherent and grammatically correct.



The level of editing you choose for your writing will vary depending on your purpose and your budget.
Light editing covers the very basics: typing errors, spelling, punctuation, and word usage.
Basic editing goes a step beyond light editing to include: syntax, coherence, style/consistency, and overall organization.
Detailed editing takes an even deeper look into your writing and involves everything that light and basic editing covers, plus: accuracy, sectional organization, and any necessary rewriting or elaboration.

(This article gives some idea of the distinction between these different elements.)

I strive to offer a fair quote for the editing services you request.

Before giving you a quote, I will often ask to see a sample of your written copy.  I may also inquire regarding the purpose of your writing and your intended audience.

Pricing for editing services takes into account the number of words being edited, the level of editing, whether or not comments or additional explanations are requested concerning any changes or alterations to your text, and the time allocated for the editing process.

I utilize Microsoft Word’s change tracking option, so you are able to clearly see the editorial changes I have made, and you are always at liberty to accept or reject these recommended changes.

When editing your copy, my focus is to polish and refine the manuscript you send to me and to ensure that you are pleased with the final product.   I look forward to working with you and to bringing out the best reader experience and inspiration factor in your work.

Content Writing

I accept content writing requests on a case-by-case basis.  Your satisfaction is important to me, so I only accept those inquiries which I am confident that I can bring to life and write in a fluid and inspiring manner.  This allows me to work with you guided by integrity and sincere wishes for your success in reaching and inspiring your audience.

That being said, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind and what kind of content you are looking for whether it be a blog post, a series of blog posts, or other content for your website. I’ll get back with you, and let you know if it’s something I can write for you.

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